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Unlock the potential of your software with TestKea

Professional Software Testing Service that provides you with world-class testing and QA to help you deliver software with confidence.


Comprehensive software testing service

We provide cost-effective, reliable and certified software testing services to help you make sure that your software works the way it should and meets the highest requirements.

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  • 3 weeks dedicated efforts from experts

  • Functional testing

  • Security testing

  • Performance testing

  • Complete report

  • Expert Consultations

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Software Testing Made Easier for Startups

Testkea makes it easy for software startups to get access to a certified and accredited software testing team at low cost, in no time. Get the benefits of a large QA department, without any investment in hiring, technology or infrastructure.

Get quality assurance for your software

Our expert QA service will ensure that your software works just as expected. We can do functional, security, performance, compatibility and regression testing. We even offer automation testing for more complex projects.

Enjoy the benefits of a large QA department

Signup for Testkea and receive two weeks of software testing service. Take advantage of our experienced and ISTQB-certified software testers, without any investment in hiring, technology or infrastructure.

Industry-leading testing services

We specialize in web and mobile application testing, cross-browser testing, testing mobile applications using multiple mobile hardware or operating systems, penetration testing, and OWASP. Get access to industry-leading tools, methods and practices.

Our Clients

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Launch your project with confidence

Testkea from Odiware – get comprehensive software testing from an industry certified and accredited team without the cost of hiring and technology investment.

Sign up for the service in just one click

Sign up for Testkea today and get started with peace of mind. All it takes is one click - just sign up and pay an upfront fee of 1000$. Enjoy the benefits of an efficient, cost-effective and agile solution for software testing for startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Testkea specializes in providing software testing services tailored for startups, ensuring optimal product performance and reliability.

Choose Testkea for its deep understanding of startup challenges, cost-effective solutions, and a team of seasoned QA professionals who deliver efficient and thorough testing.

We offer a broad spectrum, including functional, performance, usability, security, and compatibility testing, among others.

Absolutely! We're equipped to provide both manual testing for intricate scenarios and automated testing for scalability and efficiency.

Testkea prioritizes client trust. We have strict non-disclosure agreements, use encrypted communication and storage solutions, and ensure restricted access to your software details.

While we're specialized for startups, we cater to diverse industries, including tech, healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and more.

Simply head to our 'Contact' page on the website, fill in the details about your requirements, and our team will get back to you promptly with a quote.

While our starter package offers a 3-week testing period, the exact duration can vary based on the software's complexity and the type of testing required.

Yes, we offer both one-off testing solutions and ongoing testing support packages based on your evolving needs.

Testkea stands out for its unique blend of startup-focused services, cutting-edge AI-driven tools, adaptable packages, and a commitment to act as a strategic partner for your success, not just a service provider.

Get in touch today!